Spare some change?

Short documentary featuring Edgar Guerreiro and Marta Sanchez

what's the documentary about?

My movie is about the struggle for satisfaction and those moments in life in which we force ourselves to make major changes in order to pursue a dream.
I am following two characters with two different backgrounds but with the common search for satisfaction. Their journey interweaves between the challenges they face and their dreams.

Edgar is the main character in this short movie. He is a Portuguese guy who dreamt about being a musician to earn a living and after actually being able to do so, going through several difficulties, he realized that it is not as good as he expected. I will be following him while he tries to make another dream come true which is transforming his room into a rehearsing and recording studio, which will allow him to express his talent without the actual issues related to the musical scene.

Marta Sanchez is a Spanish girl who wanted to be a teacher in Spain but needed to improve her English and came to Edinburgh 6 years ago. When she first arrived in Edinburgh she started working for an agency in different nurseries, a job that really put her under strain. Only after she managed to have seven jobs at the same time she found the strength to leave that first one and start focusing on what she really likes: teaching sports. She is now a swim instructor for kids and adults and will soon move to Asia to start a scuba diving course.
Change is the main theme of the documentary, with which, I want to motivate people to make more changes in their lives, because, as Marta says: “Bringing something new in your life has a good effect on everything else you do.”
To bring this project to life I would like to work together with a Cinematographer and a sound recordist, then a sound designer and a story editor for the post-production.